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Why We Do What We Do.

As the nonstop movement of summer overwhelms us all, we ask you to take a moment to pause. When was the last time you mindfully thought about the reasons you do the things you do?

Last month we had the honor of being filmed by a crew from Virginia Tourism for a series about Appalachian heritage and cuisine. The Harvest Table was selected based on our mission, commitment to local, and innovative convergence of traditional Appalachian food with modern techniques.

As I stood by and watched the crew interview Philip Newton, our Executive Chef, I was reminded of why I do what I do at the Harvest Table.

I was reminded that investing in the wellbeing of local farmers and producers directly affects the wellbeing of the land, the community, and the economy.

I was reminded that the Harvest Table has been cultivating relationships with local farmers for 10 years, and because of that I can name the place of origin of everything on the menu.

I was reminded that learning how to eat with the seasons has taught me creativity and the value of an heirloom tomato in July.

From our food to our service, we are committed to bringing you the best local experience.

We aim to honor local farmers and producers in everything we do. We believe in the sanctity of healthy and local food and hope to reflect that in our menu and mission.

If there is anything we can do to enhance your experience with us, please let us know. We are open to suggestion and are always seeking to improve.

Thank you Virginia Tourism for spending time with us and for giving us a moment to pause and remember why we do what we do!

We will publish the link to the episode as soon as it is available! In the meantime, join us for lunch, dinner, or brunch! Choose local.

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