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At The Harvest Table, we work with seasonal produce and meats from local and regional sources, offering the best of each season. Our creative recipes are designed to highlight freshness and quality. We favor real foods prepared in a healthy way; nothing on our menu is deep fat fried.


We prefer to serve foods with a low carbon footprint. All our meats are pasture-​raised and finished, and our trout comes from a sustainably farmed source in North Carolina. In addition to the produce grown on our own Harvest Table Farm, we offer the products from over 50 regional farmers, gardeners and ranchers. Even our beer & wine menu is from local and regional sources, offering wines, beers, and hard ciders from Virginia.


In addition to our local-​foods restaurant, we also have the Meadowview Farmers’ Guild General Store that carries food items and handmade goods from over 170 local craftspeople and artisans.





 Family Friendly. 

We are a different kind of business, with a philosophy that is probably unlike most others you will encounter -from start to finish we invest in the health of our community and the land, trying to maximize the number of people who benefit from our existence.


We began as an extension of the bestselling book Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, written by our Director Steven Hopp, his wife Barbara Kingsolver, and two daughters. The story about one family’s year-long experiment to eat in-season locally grown foods has become more than just their story. Thousands of folks have told us stories of reclaiming a healthier food culture--they found their local farmers’ market, raised chickens, and planted gardens. This book, and others, have inspired individuals, families, and communities to be involved in local food movements.

The Harvest Table is more than just a restaurant. Over the last ten years, the Harvest Table family has grown to include our kitchen staff, servers, store clerks, farmers, small business owners, artisans and neighbors. Relationships have developed over the common desire to support local and celebrate our Appalachian heritage.  




 Regional Wine & Beer. 

 Outdoor Dining. 

Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. 

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