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The Behind-the-Scenes Crew

In my (almost) three years at the Harvest Table, I've collaborated with 19 different live-in workers on the farm. We have housed short-term WWOOFers, live-in interns, and what turned into full-time employees. I couldn't do it without the help of our summer crews. They don't often get the spotlight, or the glorious farm work (weeding is everyone's favorite), but they are an integral part of this sustainable farm model.

In turn, the farm workers are gaining valuable experience with teamwork, collaboration, and the ever-fruiting skill of food production. Not every WWOOFer or Intern will pursue a career in agriculture, but we hope that they will have a garden, potted herbs, or at the very least commit to the farmers' market. We aim to be an education center that teaches people to grow in so many ways, and I'm always so glad to see them return.

We're so happy to welcome Kai Conley back to our farm this summer! I'm excited to learn from her experience and work together to make this farm a success. She's been growing in a different environment, and working with some unique varieties that you just might find on our menu come summertime.

Read Kai's perspective on farm life and city life here: New Roots.

Will Spencer completed an internship on the farm with us this past summer, and has been working on a project for the farm throughout this school year. We needed a more sturdy coop for our laying hens to move about. Will is studying Theatre Production and Design at Emory and Henry College just down the road from the Harvest Table Restaurant. The design is entirely Will's and the hens are excited to move into their new home. He's just got to add a few finishing touches, and the girls should be in by the spring!

If you're interested in gaining hands-on experience on a small-scale, sustainable farm that implements agroecological principles, download our application and expectations here:

We welcome eager learners from all backgrounds. Farming features a number of diverse tasks and requires a flexible mind and a willing body. If you have specific questions about our internship program, contact me,

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