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Farm Meals. Everyday.

I have this great story I love to tell people about why I chose this lifestyle- something about making a difference in the world through making a difference in my own life and community, maybe a sentence or two about the importance of food education and hands-on learning and...

It sounds good, right?

Really, I’m just obsessed with food.

Imagine if I told people the real reason I’ve decided to grow food for a living.

Market Customer: “How did you get into farming?”

Me: “Sam Hungry.”

It’s true. It is. There was a deeper philosophical reasoning that led me to this profession, but on a day-to-day basis, enjoying the quality food I get as a part of my job is the most tangible benefit.

During the peak of the season, when the house is full of farm workers, we take turns preparing meals for one another. We work with mainly seasonal produce, eggs, and staple grains. We buy meat and dairy products at the market on occasion. It’s like Iron Chef everyday.

“What can you do with tomatillos, tomatoes, a pumpkin and a pawpaw?”

“Today’s ingredients are Lacinato Kale, Red Russian Kale, Rainbow Kale, and Curly Kale.”

It’s the nutrition and freshness of the produce, the love and creativity that went into cooking, and the serenity of the farm environment that allows for such enjoyment to come out of a simple meal. If you want the full farm experience, you can join us for our Southern Culture farm dinner on September 27th. Our chefs (our actual chefs, not our amateur farmers) will be cooking up the best of the season and serving you amidst herb beds and beautiful views. Proceeds benefit Washington County 4-H, and the four-course meal is accompanied by live music and art for your enjoyment. Find out more about the event here.

To find out more about how interns get thrown in the front lines of the kitchen with no experience- you'll have to ask one of them. No ramen and easy mac here. We won't make you cook at the farm dinner, but we'll give you the option to harvest and force you to enjoy the sunset views and a fabulous dinner. I know it sounds just awful, but grab a date and get your tickets before they're gone!

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