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Barbara Kingsolver's
fiber product line

In the years since Barbara and her family wrote ANIMAL, VEGETABLE, MIRACLE, a book about eating locally, Barbara has become a fan of knitting locally. She and her husband Steven tend a flock of Icelandic sheep, a hardy, ancient breed she chose for their beautiful, double-coated fleece in colors ranging from black and brown to silver, cream and white. Icelandic sheep are also a good source of meat; lamb from the Kingsolver farm is served at the Harvest Table. Their flock ranges in size from about 20 to 40, depending on lambing and time of year. Barbara manages every aspect of the fiber process, from lambing and shearing to yarn design.

ANIMAL MIRACLES products are available in small lots, because every fleece and skein is from the Kingsolver farm. Yarns are blended with other fibers for variety and wearability, spun to Barbara's specifications by a small local mill. Profits are donated to a local community development project. For this reason, these products are available only for direct purchase at the Meadowview Farmers Guild, Meadowview Virginia and online; not for resale.

RAW FLEECES are available at this time. Yarn will be available later in 2022. Fleeces are sold whole, $12/pound, unwashed, well skirted. Individual fleeces weigh from 1 to 3.5 lbs., priced by weight as listed below. Choose white, brown, black, or badgerface/spotted. We also have a limited number of silky soft virgin wool fleeces, from a lamb’s first shearing, at $20/pound.  Every fleece is tagged with the name of the sheep that grew it.